The Volyn deposit quartz color palette features crystal clear (rock crystal) to yellow (citrine), as well as distinctly smoky and golden gray to deep black (morion) hues. The crystals of smoky quartz and morion from the Volyn deposit look like pointed obelisks and may be found in chamber pegmatites developed from hydrothermal rocks.

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Beryl (Heliodor)

Heliodor is a renowned gemstone – it is a variety of the beryl family and exists in greenish-yellow, yellowish-green and yellow colors. Ukrainian heliodors are considered to be the gold standard, since the distinctive color spectrum of this variety of beryl is fully represented by the Volyn gems.

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The color palette of topazes from the Volyn deposit is known to be widely diverse: from colorless to very light brown, pale blue, yellow wine, wine, orange wine and a unique polychrome (bicolor) where the blue zones turn into brown wine-colored hues. Generally, the weight of topaz crystals extracted at the deposit varies from 1 to 50 kg.

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Polychrome Topaz

Polychrome topazes are rare natural gems which can only be found on the territory of the Volyn deposit in Ukraine. These extraordinary gems can contain two or even three color transitions in one crystal which enhance the extraordinary beauty and recognizability of these minerals.

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wine topaz

Topazes from the Volyn deposit are particularly characterized by a rich yellow-orange, so-called wine color. The largest wine topaz to have been ever extracted at the deposit weighed 117 kg, with a length of 82 cm and thickness of 37 cm. It has become the third largest single-crystal topaz in the world.

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Blue Topaz

The Volyn deposit is one of the few deposits of natural blue topaz in the world. The truly unique nature of these gems lies in their natural sky blue color, which is incomparable to colored topazes. Due to their natural color, these minerals suitably adorn jewelry collections of famous world brands.

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The beauty and perfection of Volyn minerals allows creating exclusive products.

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